2020 ECUST Fall Online HSK 4 / 5 Rushing Program

20-11-3 下午2:29 作者:Admissions and Academic Affairs Office, CIE 【

ECUST 2020 Fall Semester

Online HSK 4 / 5 Rushing Program

Hey, you will take a HSK exam?

Great, here have Pre- HSK Rushing Program in ECUST.

What? It’s too far to come to school?

Fortunately, it’s an online course.

Program Introduction

Located in Xuhui District Shanghai, East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) is one of the official HSK test centers and holds HSK test every year. ECUST also provides various long-term and short-term Chinese and cultural programs every year.

It is designed for Chinese learners preparing for HSK 4 / 5. Through short-term online intensive training, you can get various knowledge points and exam skills related to HSK 4 / 5 exams such as listening, grammar, reading, writing, etc., and improve the ability of Chinese comprehensively.

Please click to know more information: http://ies.ecust.edu.cn/en/msg.php?id=755